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Personalized education. Individualized teaching. Differentiated instruction. We have gotten used to hearing these terms. They are clearly overused. Differentiating instruction is a fine idea, but the problem has always been that teachers have not had the tools to implement it in any classroom. Why?

♦ Grading individual assignments is time consuming.
♦ Teachers don't have enough time to find a differentiated video or game for each of their dozens of students.
♦ Even if teachers had the time, there has not been a place on the internet to find the best videos and games for each student.

What We Aim to Solve

Let us examine how OpenEd solves this problem in a very practical way, recommending the best video or game per student while saving time for teachers.


1. OpenEd has the largest quality resource library for K-12 teachers.  There are over a million videos, assessments, quizzes, homework assignments and lesson plans.  All are from quality publishers, they are sorted by effectiveness.  Better yet, OpenEd uses both advanced computer technology, and experienced teachers to review every resource and its alignment to standards.

What does that mean?  It means that regardless if you search by topic, subject, grade, Common Core standard, Texas standard, or even your textbook, you will find the online resources you are looking for, sorted by quality.



2. OpenEd's library includes the only free formative assessment item bank that covers every Common Core, NGSS and TEKS standard, and most textbooks.  That means teachers can give free, automatically graded quizzes for almost anything, and get the results back in a glance.   Students can take these quizzes on almost any computer, tablet or phone.



3. Best of all, OpenEd puts the assessments and the online videos and games togther on a per student basis!  That means, when the teacher gets the automatically graded quizzes back in a mastery chart, OpenEd automatically recommends a videos or games for each student, individually, to address each student's knowledge gaps.


I offered extra-credit to my students for completing assignments through this OpenEd's app. During school hours, I utilized OpenEd’s formative assessments to quiz her students, selecting them through OpenEd's library and then assigning them to her students. They would complete these on their Chromebooks or phones. The assessments allowed her to see exactly which topics her students needed additional help with. “If a student was struggling with a particular concept, I would assign them additional assessments or work from OpenEd individually on their Chromebooks. The students loved the videos that were included.”

 Maria Sohns 

7th Grade ELA Teacher, South Ripley Jr. High

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